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Healing eats & treats for all


I’m Carleigh, founder and owner of The GIHFT Shop.

For as long as I can remember I’ve suffered from digestive issues and hormonal imbalances, but could never quite pin point the root cause.  From symptoms of brain fog, bloating/cramping, eczema, fatigue, to rapid weight gain, I was desperate for a solution.

After seeking help from many health professionals with no luck, one triumphantly suggested I read up on Leaky Gut Syndrome.  Would you believe this condition effects more than half the population? Within a week of following the recommended LGS protocols, the majority of my symptoms were gone. I dropped 10lbs in 5 days, which was the result of all the inflammation in my body. I couldn’t believe the solution to every one of my symptoms was as easy as changing my diet!

The only problem with adhering to this new diet was that there was no room for “treats”. If I was craving a cookie (or donut), I had to make it myself. And is it just me, or when that sweet tooth comes knocking, all patience is suddenly out the window.

Knowing there were many, many other people out there going through the same dilemma, I decided to fill the gap and create my own brand of REAL healthy foods.

There seems to be many flaws in today’s Health Food Industry, in that many ingredients are used as “healthy” substitutes, but are no better than the item they are replacing! E.g. Corn starch/xanthan gum in lieu of gluten. If you are suffering from digestive upsets, corn and gums are most likely not going to do your stomach any favors.

My goal is to stay true to healthy ingredients and provide products that can meet everyone’s dietary needs.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this little island girl’s dream.

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